Picual Olive

Picual is an olive fruit varietal grown primarily in Spain in the Province of Jaén and the Region of Andalucía over an area of about 645,000 hectares (1.6 million acres). Picual olives are the most commonly grown olives for olive oil production with approximately 25% of the total olive oil production in the world and approximately 50% of the total olive oil production of Spain.

Olivar Santamaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from Picual olives have some of the highest levels of polyphenols, an organic compound which is known to have antioxidant effects. Less than one quarter of the Picual harvest each year qualifies as EVOO as Picual groves are primarily harvested when ripe or overripe to maximize oil content and yield. The excellence of the EVOO it produces is due to the fatty acid content and the antioxidants. Picual EVOO usually contains 0 Defects, Acidity <0.80%, Oleic Acid 55 – 83%, Peroxides (meg O2 / Kg) <20, Polyphenols 100 – 500+, UV Absorption K-270 of <0.22.

Olivar Santamaria Picual EVOO analytics on average possesses approximate 0 Defects, Acidity of 0.14%, Oleic Acid of 80%, Peroxides (meg O2 / Kg) of 5.4, Polyphenols of 500+, UV Absorption K-270 of <.10 and High Smoke Point of 405 ͦF. These analytics are available from Khayyan LLC upon request.

The Picual oils of low-lying lands tend to have more body, with a slightly bitter taste and a hint of wood, while the olives cultivated in the mountain regions tend to be sweeter, with a fresh flavor. Olivar Santamaria Picual EVOO gets its edge from the harsh climate of the beautiful central Spain region where grown.

Picual derives its name from its pointed tip (pico). The olive is medium weighing approximately 3.2 grams. Maturation takes place between the beginning of November and mid-December and the oil yield is considered high, reaching about 27%.

Peppery Kick

Picual has a medium body, smooth texture, and sweet, buttery taste, but it finishes with a peppery kick given the polyphenol count that gives it an extra layer of flavor. The more peppery kick and bitterness the healthier.

Olivar Santamaria EVOO is an excellent choice for use as an everyday olive oil.

As an all-purpose oil, Olivar Santamaria works beautifully in sauces and salads, and is a delicious counterpart to flavorful lemons and vinegars. For an appetizer, sprinkle it with assorted grated cheeses and spices and use it as a dipper for your favorite breads. When warmed, Olivar Santamaria EVOO gives off the aromas of green fruit, green grass, tomato, almond and notes of flowers, chamomile. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, green leaves, sweetness, bitterness, vigorous pungency and notes of artichokes, exotic fruits, almond, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence with that slight peppery finish.

Simply enjoy our Olivar Santamaria Picual EVOO!

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